Get a Look Inside at the Ram 1500 Safety Features

The entire staff working at Lochmandy Motors wanted to share information about the new Ram 1500. Consider this popular light-duty pickup truck if safety features are important to your buying decision.

In order to help the driver of the Ram 1500 stay safe on the highways, the Blind Spot Information System is working all the time to identify other vehicles behind you. If another vehicle does roll into your blind spot, then your side mirror is going to flash so you are aware that this side of your car is another car and to proceed cautiously.

The Adaptive Cruise Control system in the new Ram 1500 is designed to make driving at higher speeds safer for everyone on the roads. Simply choose the desired speed first, then the sensors send out a signal to a lead car to create an invisible buffer. That buffer is maintained automatically by your vehicle as it brakes and accelerates automatically.



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