Signature Style in the Jeep Cherokee

If you're on the hunt for a vehicle that's sleek, yet rugged, take a look at the new Jeep Cherokee. This popular SUV has a beautifully designed exterior that includes many signature Jeep brand design elements. Our team at Lochmandy Motors is ready to show you around the lineup.

The Jeep Cherokee has a noticeably athletic body. Sweeping curves give the SUV look like it's always in motion, even when it's parked. Subtle lines are sculpted into the hood and sides for an added sporty touch. The lines complement the overall shape of the SUV while also helping to improve aerodynamics.

On the sides of the Jeep Cherokee, you'll notice that it has trapezoidal wheel wells. This element is commonly found on Jeeps from the past and present. Another iconic feature is the seven-slot grille on the front. Seven large cutouts improve engine air intake for better performance. They're surrounded with a black or chrome trim.



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