Most Common Fluid Leaks

Everyone can relate to the experience of finding a suspicious puddle of fluid underneath your car. Before you start to panic, there are a few innocent leaks that occur naturally. Rule out where the leak is coming from so you'll know how to proceed.

If you've been running your air conditioner, you may see condensed water dripping from the outside of the unit. This is perfectly natural and is no cause for alarm. Fluids that are brown, blue or beige can indicate a far more serious problem. Oil leaks are easy to recognize, and a larger puddle will indicate a problem. Coolant leaks are among the most common and need to be addressed immediately, as your engine will overheat. Transmission fluid is another common leak, and you'll notice that the liquid is located near the axles.

If your car has a leak, bring it to Lochmandy Motors. We're happy to diagnose the source of the problem and have your car repaired quickly.



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