The Dramatic Exterior of the Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is prized among truck owners who need a durable, reliable full-sized pickup. The 2019 models have undergone exterior changes that make the Ram 1500 look aggressive and capable yet elegant. Anyone in the market for a heavy-duty pickup must take one of our Ram 1500s for a test drive.

The angular lines of the front end create an aggressive appearance. Yet, the abundance of polished chrome accents adds an air of luxury. The new tailgate options are truly innovative. The gate features a 60/40 split that folds down like a traditional tailgate. However, the doors additionally swing open from side to side.

Some models of the Ram 1500 truck bed come with hidden side storage bins. The bins are lockable for security and additionally have a 115-volt electrical outlet and convenient LED lighting. Owners quickly gain access remotely using the pickup's key fob.



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