Get Pre-Qualified for Your Auto Loan in Elkhart, IN

Apply For Credit And Learn How Much Car You Can Afford to Buy!

We know that most people don't look forward to the auto financing part of the car buying experience. There you are, browsing through your options online, researching the models that appeal to you, and then taking test drives to see how each suits you. Finally, you decide which vehicle is the one you'll be taking home, and the joy seems to come to a screeching halt when the sales professional starts discussing numbers.

While we can't completely avoid this process, we can -- and do -- try to make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you. Not only are the professionals in our Finance Center ready to work on your behalf, but they also make sure to explain everything clearly at every step along the way. Even better, you can eliminate a lot of the financing stress before you even arrive at our dealerships.

You see, the form on this page allows you to pre-qualify for your auto loan from the convenience of your home or office, at a time that's convenient for you. This efficient, safe process doesn't affect your credit score and can help you determine the models that fit within your budget and those that don't.

All you need to do is provide us with your personal and contact information. If you have a specific vehicle that you're looking for, you can also detail that information for us. With this information in hand, our finance team can get to work on your pre-qualification, and our sales team can search for the car,pickup, or SUV that you desire.

Don't worry that your personal information is at risk, either. Our form is encrypted before being transmitted, and all personal information is sent through private, secure servers to ensure privacy and the highest level of protection in the financial services industry.

Pre-qualifying before you visit us makes a great deal of sense. You're armed with the knowledge that you can afford the models you take out for a test drive, and the amount of time you spend sitting in our showroom waiting for approval is significantly reduced. Plus, when you pre-qualify at home, you're able to then browse the available makes and models at your leisure and really assess them with a clear eye.

Then, when you're ready to drop by and take a closer look at your options, contact us and schedule an appointment for a day and time that fit into your busy schedule. Our sales professionals are happy to show you around, explain any vehicle features in greater detail, answer any questions you might have, and hand you the keys for a test drive.

Once you've decided which is your next vehicle, our Finance team will take over and quickly wrap up finalizing paperwork. After that's completed, you'll be driving home in no time at all!